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Jason's '68 Chevelle

Update, July 28, 2001:
The 17s in the pics below looked awesome, but had a high offset and rubbed on the frame & suspension. They have been replaced with American Racing 15x8s with 245/60R15s. They are way beefier. No pics yet. It has been rumored that the car may be sold soon.

Update, June 18, 2001:
We upgraded the tires & wheels with 17" QuantumTek S10s with 245/40R17 Yokohamas.

These pictures were taken March 10, 2001, the day the car was purchased for $1500. The previous owner had removed the engine, supposedly because the oil pan leaked. Shifter was missing-in-action, so after filling in a huge hacked-out hole in the floor with sheet metal, we put in a sweet B&M StarShifter. When we took the engine to have it checked out, we found out that it had 3 spun main bearings, and a cracked block! The rear main cap, where the oil pump mounts, had came loose, starving the entire engine for oil.

So, Jason found another 350 engine & trans for $1000. With a mild cam, flat top pistons, Weiand Stealth intake, and a 600 Holley carb, it was well equipped for this car. Its previous owner had built it for a 4x4 pickup, but claimed it lacked the "grunt" to turn huge truck tires.

UPGRADE! First to be purchased was a set of DynoMax headers. It sounded pretty mean with the open headers, but we had to put on a 2" dual exhaust system to keep the noise police away. The first air cleaner, a triangular foam deal from Weiand, was replaced in less than a week because the flames coming from the carb melted it. After replacing the cheapy plug wires with Accel 8mm SuperStock plug wires, replacing the cap&rotor, and adjusting the carb and timing, we found out that this engine does not like AC Delco spark plugs! When they were replaced with Autolites borrowed from Joe Crist's race car (see pics below) the flame problem was cured. Then the air cleaner was replaced with a 14" chrome one.

After only a few miles on the road, the power steering abruptly decided to stop functioning, so it was replaced with a new one. Cooling problems caused by a dry-rotted 2-core radiator and a broken clutch-fan were cured with a brand new 3-core unit from St. Joe Radiator and an 18" aluminum flex fan. (Still looking for the missing fan shroud though...)

Joe Crist's Street Stock Pics